Lord, teach our family to pray…


As a church we have had times of 24-7 prayer for the past 6 years. It began small, as one weekend of continuous prayer. Then over the years, as we developed our confidence and hunger, it grew and now we host a full week of 24/7 prayer in January and another one in September. Over the years we have seen God work in amazing ways and had some beautiful moments in his presence. In January 2022 I connected with Prayer Spaces in schools for the first time whilst working as the youth worker for the church. Having worked with both children and young people and having a heart for prayer I was moved and challenged by what Prayer Spaces in Schools were doing.

As a church we decided that alongside our prayer room we would create a dedicated space for our children using the Prayer Spaces in Schools resources. A space where families could come together with children of any age and encourage them to be part of the rhythms of prayer in our church. It has been beautiful over the years to watch children and their families taking time to reflect and pray together in fun, interactive and creative ways. We asked some families to share their experiences of being in the Prayer Space together and here is what they had to say.

“Our ventures into the kids prayer room as a family have been so special. The stations were set up so well, lots to do for different ages, and they allowed our 5 year old to discover more about prayer and be inspired to ask BIG questions at home. She’s begun to pray for things of her own accord and is seeing God answer her prayers! We have the prayer room to thank for increasing her faith and allowing her a space to be creatively inspired to pray.” Amber, Jonny, Aria (5) & baby Thea

“We visited the kids prayer room for the first time last month with our two young children. I expected it to be more relevant for our 5 year old boy than our 2 year old girl but we were amazed at how much all four of us got out if it. The prayer stations were short and practical and adaptable depending on age. We spent 45 minutes talking about and praying for the people and things personal to us, and also those in our town and world. Seeing our kids simple child-like faith was inspiring and has encouraged us to include our children further in our prayer lives. It’s no longer just bedtime prayers but prayerful chats throughout the day! We would encourage others to give it a go! Little people are definitely prayer warriors too!” Jonny, Natalie, Judah (5) & Leah (2)

“We as a family have always tried to teach Eli the priority of prayer in his wee life. The Kids Prayer Room at Bangor Elim was a total invitation to pray. It provided a safe and creative way for Eli to explore thoughts and feelings through simple tasks, inviting him to express feelings and emotions easily. Each activity provided an opportunity for thought. Whether it be forgiveness, thankfulness, asking big questions or identity the prayer room gave us an opportunity to explore these in a non-invasive fun way. Family prayer is so important, it provides a unity and bond like no other. Eli (5) will often say to me “Mummy can I pray for you?” or “Will you pray for me?”.  With a freedom of praying together, it provides strong foundations in our home.” Phil, Pam & Eli (5)

We have now hosted two family prayer space’s alongside our prayer rooms and will continue to do this each year. The impact we have seen on the life of the families in our church has been so powerful, and I would really encourage churches to explore how they could use creative prayer within church life for all ages! 

As a Church we are now in preparations to host our first Prayer Space in our local school later this term and we are so thankful for the journey we are on with Prayer Spaces in Schools we are excited for the  influence this has and will continue to have on our church, local schools, and community.

Emma Scott

Bangor Elim

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