Prayer Rooms

Join the global movement of prayer

At this moment, tens of thousands of people are currently encountering Jesus in 24-7 Prayer Rooms all around the world. Prayer Rooms take place in all sorts of settings, from backyard sheds to schools, churches and offices. If you have a space in your community, why not start a prayer room?

Start a 24-7 Prayer Room

Any space can be turned into a 24-7 Prayer Room – a place for your community to join together to seek God’s face and to pray every hour for a set season. 24-7 Prayer Rooms can also include prayer stations that facility creative expressions of prayer. We offer support and resources that will equip you to run a prayer room where you are. Start by registering your prayer room for specific downloadable resources that will help from start to finish.

Prayer Room Resources Register a Prayer Room

Share your prayer room story

Many 24-7 Prayer Rooms have already been running in Ireland. If you have a testimony or story of your 24-7 Prayer Room, we would love to hear from you. Click in the link, share your story, and send us a photo. We look forward to hearing about what God has been doing in your community through prayer, mission and justice.

Share your story

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Do you have a heart to grow prayer in your community, and you are looking for a place to begin? Check out our 24-7 Prayer resources to be inspired, activated and equipped to run a prayer room.